Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 Review – Top Surround Sound For A Price

I would like to bring your attention to one of the most lucrative gaming headsets in the world. Here is the ASUS ROG Centurion True 7.1 Review. Well, that is a mouthful – like it suggests this headset is the boss of all wired headsets out there, delivering high-end sound clarity, true 7.1 surround sound, and high-end build. Never has it been so easy to sink into the game and take yourself to another world. It is no wonder that it leads our best gaming headset list.

Asus ROG Centurion True 7.1 Review – Design And Features

Centurion Features

  • True 7.1-Channel Surround Sound
  • Hi-Fi Grade ESS Amp
  • Headphone Stand Included
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Memory Foam Cushions
  • USB Audio Station

ROG Centurion 7.1 Design

Asus ROG True 7.1 Gaming Headset The ROG Centurion True 7.1 has a very aggressive gaming transformers-like design. It features two big ear pads that are covered with leather cushions. If you think that your ears will be set on fire after a long day of gaming, you can exchange them with the two mesh cloth foam cushions. You can find them the box. They breathe better and provide adequate ventilation in a warmer climate.  The black ear pads may look bulky, but each of them consists of 5 discrete drivers (neodymium magnets) that deliver a true 7.1- channel surround-sound with high-fidelity. ASUS has spent a great deal of time elaborating the headphone’s chamber and each magnet’s position so that you get optimal sound quality and surround sound. Once you put these headphones on, there is no going back; you will hear the rustling of the leaves and the flowing of the water and most importantly, the footsteps of approaching foe and every gunshot with incredible accuracy.

Rog Centurion Surround Sound Performance

There is no mistake from where the sound is coming from with the ASUS true surround set. Everything is accurate and exactly where you expect it to be. We tested them with Battlefield, Far Cry, Call Of Duty and many more shooters and racing games. It is by far best surround sound we ever experienced to date from a headphone. Yes, the cheaper Strix is true surround sound headphone as well, from ASUS as well, but the Centurion is just in a class of its own.

The USB audio station has quick and easy control settings for most popular games and you can easily adjust them on the fly. The external plug and play USB audio control box works like a sound card, featuring a hi-fi-grade ESS amplifier. It lets you adjust channel levels and volumes, depending on the type of game: first-person shooter, racing, action. It has one USB port and two HDMI ports for speakers/headset. The main disadvantage is that you will need two USB ports to power it. there is no wireless option and you will have to use the braided cable and be wired to the computer. ASUS Sonic Studio is a utility that ensures a quick configuration of audio controls.

Moreover, the headphones come with a digital retractable microphone that isolates any background noise and delivers pure and natural voice ensuring clear communication between you and your fellow teammates while playing online.


Asus ROG Centurion Review Verdict 

All in all, the ROG Centurion True 7.1 offers very high-end features for a high-end price. It is one of the rare true surround sound headsets that don’t just up-mix stereo into surround but deliver multi-channel audio from a multi-speakers setup. Yes, the price is steep, but you get a lot of sound for the money. If you can stomach the cost, this piece is worth every penny. It is truly no wonder that it made it to be the best gaming headset of 2017 in our recent buyer’s guide.


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