ASUS and Samsung both working on high-end Chromebooks

Samsung And Asus are working hard on offering upgraded versions of their high-end Chromebooks in order to compete with the Google’s own – the new Pixelbook. Two new versions are on the horizon – a new and upgraded Samsung Chromebook Pro and a better version of the already popular Asus C302CA Chromebook.
Samsung works on a high-end Chromebook

The current offerings boast 4GB of RAM each and are both powered by a speed Intel Core m3 processor. The new versions are thought to come with up to 16GB of RAM standard and might even sport a very fast m7 processor from Intel. That should make them if not faster, then at least on par with the high-end Pixelbook that Google has on the market already. We’ll have to see how the screen and storage will compare but knowing both companies I doubt it’ll be much inferior in any way.

Chromebooks are amazing in terms of sheer lightweight and performance for the price they sell. Although they might seem inferior to conventional laptops in terms of processor speed, RAM, and storage, Chrome OS is a very lightweight platform that doesn’t need the crazy resource Windows require to run properly, for example.
There is no information on prices just yet. You have to keep in mind that the Pixelbook starts around a $1000 with the tuned-up version is about $1700. In order to compete with Google’s masterpiece, Asus and Samsung will have to offer better performance and a bit lower price, in my opinion. Rumor is that the new Chromebooks will start at around $799 but there is no confirmation of that just yet.
Release dates haven’t been confirmed yet either although there are rumors about the new Chromebooks being released around CES 2018 in January next year.
Would you consider the Pixelbook alternatives if that meant saving a few box off the top? I had some very pleasant experiences with the Pixelbook but I’m not sure I’d pay the premium for it if I can get a similarly specced machine for less money.

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